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American Metamorphosis Part 2
Mr Obama has adapted to that; Mr Romney  did not. Instead, his campaign drew much of its energy from forces hostile to this new America "the angry, elderly white men, as one commentator put it, of the Tea Party movement.Yet candidates from the Tea Party wing of the Republicans did badly in the concurrent Senate or Congressional elections. Even before the campaign began, the fundamentalist Protestant Christian Right which had become a bogeyman of the lib eral intelligentsia in Britain and America as well as a Tea Party standard bearer   had failed to find a candidate of its own. Not long ago, the Mormon-Catholic alliance of the Romney- Ryan ticket would have been anathema to the Christian Right, which suggests that this once-powerful ideological force is largely spent.  The same may apply to the political  influence  of the Catholic bishops who are implicitly behind the Republican cause because of sex and gender issues which appears to have waned even as the Catholic percentage of the population waxes. So the kaleidoscope of American politics has been well shaken this time, and the new pattern will become the norm. The old white Anglo-Saxon  Protestant ascendancy has had its day of reckoning. Power and influence will belong to those who adapt best to this new reality. Yet the Latin  American immigrant experience is not yet fully understood or explored, neither by mainstream politicians nor by the media nor indeed by the Catholic  Churchs leadership and  nor does it have a clear political voice. But it has already done one important thing. It has legitimised and normalised Mr Obamas presidency, which can no longer be treated as an exception soon to be extinguished, but  has to be recognised as symbolising  an emerging new America that  is here to stay.
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