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Christian Economy

Christian economy is a form of the organization of economic activities based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, when the high economic efficiency is achieved on the basis of respect Christian values, personal responsibility of each person before God, and selfless and uncompromising quest for the practical implementation of the commandments of Jesus Christ, to the achievement of universal justice and prosperity in all spheres of life. Christian economy creates conditions for the practical implementation of Christian values ​​and development of self-independence for each person in accordance with the Christian doctrine and leads to complete liberation from material problems and dependence, the prevalence of creative work, to achieve such a high level of intellectual, economic and technological development, when the production of wealth stops be a primary concern of human society.

Public policy and social traditions will be used to serve the Christians, not to suppress them.

Christian economy is also performs as and implies a system of views on the economy, which is intended to put the embodiment of economic mechanisms and methods of Christian principles of the Gospel and deliver people from the maximum of dependence and problems, from humiliating forms of physical toil, considering the well-being and spiritual prosperity of all human beings without exception as a priority all economic processes.

Christian economy is also a multilateral scientific and ideological direction, which from the standpoint of Christianity:
- examines the influence of Christianity on the economy, the role and importance of Christian values ​​for the successful development of the economy.

Based on the acquired knowledge it:
- examines and analyzes the relationship of the economy to the other spheres of life, and on this basis to create new economic knowledge;
- develops new effective directions and methods of economic, the individual, society and the state development at the present stage of history;
- analyzes the reasons for various negative processes and crises in the modern economy, and develops the ways (technologies) to neutralize them.

For the very first time Christian economy was described by economist Edward Semyonov and prominent journalist Alexander Lebedev in the article "The Christian economy", written in the summer of 2011 and published on 27 June 2012 in № 26 "Literaturnaya Gazeta (Literary newspaper)".

Christian economy is a qualitative concept and does not mean the overall economic potential of all Christian countries. For this Mr. E.Semenov and A. Lebedev introduced the concept of "Christian economic space (area)" - a common economic potential and God’s resources of all Christian countries (notably, the U.S., Russia, European Union).

The most important tenet of the Christian economy is that the existence and prosperity of the economy is impossible without strict adherence to the principles of Christianity. The purpose of the economy is an approaching the Kingdom of Heaven through the creation of high technology and production conditions for the celebration of Christian justice, prosperity for all and universal perfection of each individual. Otherwise, the economy begins to degrade, economic and political crises destroy society and all the people without exception are doomed to poverty, suffering and death.
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