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Christian Economy As A Way Of Learning And Changing The Real World

Christian economy is an objective category and is inherent in civilization for thousands of years. It is based on the modern perception of deeper truths and commandments of Jesus Christ on economy using gained modern knowledge in all spheres of life and activity.

Through the economy alone people can understand what is really going on in the world. Only Christian economy provides it possible to adequately learn the laws of the world in its permanent change.

Christian economy requires people not to simply trust any words and commit them to the duty of establishing the truth of any knowledge and the absence of any harm to the economy. No knowledge, teaching or suggestion is taken for granted, even with references to God, without the establishment of their real economic impact.

Today the cognition of the world is extremely hardened. Despite the seemingly abundance of any information in different forms and tastes the essential information is almost inaccessible to people. Or there is a lot of false and misleading information.

Economic information is almost the only kind of true information and worth to trust. However, the economic information is the subject of serious and deliberate distortion and misrepresentation.

Every human activity has an economic importance (i.e., economic dimension). It means that each person always affects the economy and his actions always have economic consequences. Economic issues affect absolutely all spheres of human life. The idea has not been accepted yet by most people due to insufficient understanding. It leads to inefficient and unnecessary consumption of Divine resources given by the Creator.

Knowledge provided by the Christian economy helps people to determine which activities can bring economic benefits or be disruptive.

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