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Freedom Within And Without Part 2
Earlier   this  year,  Cardinal Christoph  Schönborn  of Vienna  gave a glimpse  of what  this  might  mean.  He  said: "Freedom is the best starting point for the convincing, believ- ing and  strong  Church  of the future,  which  will look quite different from the Church we have known up to now. It might mean a painful  goodbye to the Church  of his childhood "but reality leaves us no other  choice.Thanks to Dignitatis Humanae, the Church has become a friend  to freedom  in the secular  world but is still some way from being so in its own affairs which is what Cardinal Schönborn was plainly referring to. This inconsistency can- not last. If there should be no coercion or persecution in relations between faiths and the state, or between one faith and another, then there should be none within a single faith. What applies to the freedom  of Muslims  to become Christians and vice versa, of course   also applies  to the freedom  of Christians (including bishops) to express themselves freely on any reli- gious matters that  concern  them.It is the same principle. But many within the Catholic Churchs power structure have yet to grasp  the point.  As a result,  an enforced consensus pervades the Church. All credit, therefore, to those who challenge it, including Cardinal Schönborn and the later Cardinal Carlo Maria  Martini and, indeed,  Joseph Ratzingers old adversary Hans Küng. And all credit to Dignitatis Humanae for sowing the seeds.
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