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Principles Of Christian Economy

On the basis of creative labour Christian economy is aimed at developing the personality and independence of each person and bearing a responsibility in the world.

Christian economy charge the people, not the higher power, with the duties of creating favourable conditions for the growth of prosperity, not succumbing to the temptation to exploit other people or to hope that politicians can bring them happiness or it would come on its own.

The main objectives of the Christian economy are also:

- protection of every Christian 's physical and mental health, rights and freedoms and their further development;

- comprehensive development of every Christian, firstly, his personality and intellectual abilities and genius. High-quality education must be accessible for all Christians;

- revelation of negative economic processes, decisions and actions, its sources, their subsequent isolation and liquidation, t revelation and elimination of emerging centers of destructive and negative trends in economy;

- the development of a unified Christian economic and political area;

- analysis of the full-scale impact on economy of official, political and criminal actions;

- creating legal opportunities for every Christian to benefit social life and Christianity, filling people’s lives with meaning and worthy goal;

- creating conditions for maximum spiritual development of every Christian through his involvement in economic activities;

- setting a sense of freedom and independence for every Christian.

Christian economics examines the development of creativity as a major driving force to improve the economy and human personality.

Christian economy is not seeking to impose austerity and poverty, but condemns unnecessary luxury and dissipation.
Christian economy favors protectionism of economic interests of Christians, especially the adherents of Christian economy, considering it as a mandatory part of the state regulation of the economy.

According to Christian economy the international and ethnic conflicts that usually escalated into war, now are locating in the economy area with the same devastating consequences for the world. However, in contrast to the military conflicts, the economic confrontation and wars never end.

Christian economy’s concept admits that the Christian countries and their economy always are threatened both from outside and inside, and there are powerful systems and technologies of destruction of their economy. Therefore, the Christian economy insists on a establishing a strong and effective protection of the economy of Christian countries from any sorts of aggressions (military, political, economic) considering it more important than even the existing usual defense against an armed invasion.
Christian economics provides a protection not only for the interests of the Christians, but also for economically effective non-Christian population of Christian countries and area.
Christian economy provides for the protection of the interests of disabled people (children and aged), demanding the creation of an effective social system for children and mothers as well as the pension system.
Christian economy requires the protection of the rights of people who do not have the desire and capacity for personal entrepreneurship not to make them a victim of exploitation and fraud by business people.
Christian economy regards the political activity as the secondary and submissive to economic.

Idea of Christian economy has no political meaning.

Christian economy is not a basis for the foundation any political party.

From the standpoint of the Christian economy, society requires a strong and stable political powers (the regime). Revolution and political casualties are considered as the severe adverse events.

From the standpoint of the Christian economy, all the events, actions, processes in any sphere of the political, social, economic and cultural life are "embedded" in the economy, and have a direct and inseparable links with the economy. Therefore, the Christian economy requires economic justification of political activity and is critical of the modern representations of such concepts as "tolerance," "multiculturalism," "human rights", "universal values" because they cause a huge damage to the economy, people and society.

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