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Problem of lack of economic knowledge of most Christians

Despite the fact that the economic processes are the major cause of political and social changes, economic knowledge in the Christian world is still obviously scarce. Therefore, most of all knowledge acquired by mankind over the last decade is backward relatively to the rapid development of civilization and economy. Or it is dangerous, in essence, even diabolical, as a result, managing people to the destructive and criminal activities. Further follow them, as well as the reliance on old and false knowledge threatens to further damage the global humanity, putting it in a danger of extinction.

To avoid the coming conundrum Christians must return to traditional Christian values ​​and sources («grassroots») and perform a critical review of the economy, liberate it from the ideological delusion and protect people's interests and personality in the midst of an economic activity.
In the history of the world’s economy there were a number of countries which were quite closely matched the Christian economic model. It was England after the revolution of 1640, the Netherlands after the revolution of 1648, the United States after winning independence in 1776, the Calvinist Switzerland. In these countries Christians’ faith in God and work considered as the foundation of their religious and personal freedom, family values ​​and the way of life, a source of social and personal wealth. Honest labor and non-luxury were considered in these countries as the one of the highest virtues and sacred Christian duty for every man to form ethical and moral principles.

As a result, they created a long-time prosperity of their economy. Their national traditions and way of life are copied in many parts of the world. Way of life of the United States, England, Switzerland is still the envy and pattern for many nations. Is not random that a deep systemic crisis of modern economy has coincided with their apostesy from Christianity and its principles in the name of so-called "tolerance". And that is why there are more insistent demands for returning to Christianity as the basis of their national and personal identity, the need to return to basics (grassroots).
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