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The Way To a Triumphant future of Mankind


The way to a triumphant future of the mankind

The history of human development, one way or another, always focuses on the question, "the meaning of life." Value orientation often change under the pressure of historical circumstances and the government, but the results of the development of civilization suggests that the divine truth, with the centuries of experience and a wisdom of the people, always forms the basis of ideology and way of life of the people.

Recent global economic and political events once again raised the question of what to do next. It turned out that today the answer to this question is more complicated than twenty or ten years ago. Known recipes finally become obsolete and useless. The world needs new ideas and the people who can devote his life to achieving the good of mankind.

A civilization will continue to seek the ways to "build a bridge" between economic objectives and social justice. Here, analysts expect to see the beginnings of new methods for solving economic problems. But neither in Russia, nor in the world there is no single view of the methodology of the process. We can find the key to solving the problem only after the reviewing the basis of the economy and economic relations.

1. Christian values ​​as the basis of a new economic model

Critics of capitalism call for a return to the basic principles of the socialist economic model. But they do not recognize the fact that even in the Soviet Union, despite the imposition of atheism it was always a strong tradition of Christianity. The then ruling communist elite’s rhetoric of a bright future was under the huge influence of the Gospel and accurately reflected the Christian truth. Notorious "Ten Commandments of the builder of communism," was a mirror image of the ten commandments of Jesus Christ. In Communist countries people accepted these civilization approach as long as it was largely consistent with their historical experience and Christian traditions. However, the Soviet economy was far from ideal because it provided no personal economic freedom.

The subsequent imposition of capitalist wing "new economy" in post-Communist Russia only led to a rapid division of society to rich and successful people, on the one hand, and the losers, the poor and unnecessary, on the other side. People were persuaded by a false idea that the economy is not only unfair, but it must be it. But in Russia, with its Christian values ​​and traditions, so inhumane economic relations caused a general outcry and rejection. As a result, this "anti-Christian economics" was able neither to grow, neither to exist at all. It was confirmed by the collapse of many Russian companies and banks established in the 90's. But this cannibal, inhuman and ugly economy, still managed to inflict the deepest damage in all areas of life and cause the cycle of various crises.

The capitalism historically outdated itself and has led the Western world to a global inefficient economy that fails to grow and is just falling apart. This already puts the Christian world as outsider.

And now we see that today the Western economy is crumbling despite all attempts of politicians. The world is facing a rapidly growing demand for justice according to Christianity. So far, the West refuse to keep justice in economic relations with other countries, including Russia. How we can find a way to negotiate within all the parts of  Christian world? We see this path lies through the Gospel. We all want a decent life for ourselves and loved ones, most of us believe in the value of divine truths. So what keeps us to take a fresh look at the problems of economic development of the world?

Creating new economy is not easy due to many reasons. Today the research of a new economic model, or the acceptance of any economic decision has no valid ideological basis. After all, social theories are also in decline, as communist and capitalist theories and capitalist society (free markets, private enterprise). And all the social theories of recent decades such as "universal values", "human rights", "multiculturalism", "tolerance" are too abstract and not related to Christianity and the economy. Implementing them in our life without an analysis of their possible economic and social impact was totally unwise. Therefore there is no wonder that they have basically devastating consequences for the economy and society. And no wonder that these ideas are firmly and rightly criticized.

Spiritual values ​​can not exist outside the real world or ignore it. Therefore the spiritual quest of the Christian world is inseparable from the search for the idea of the ​​"right economy", which is able to combine the economic reality and Christian values harmoniously, provide them with a solid financial foundation and link the spiritual and material spheres and the triumph of justice, stop the negative trends in the economy and society.

This is the Christian economy.

As long as any economic and social theories and practices of economic models do not respect Christian truths (love of neighbor, a commitment to personal excellence, building the kingdom of God, etc.), they degrade fast. As well as they ignore economic realities of the modern world and aim to realize the desire for prosperity of individual groups by the oppression and exploitation of other people, and the exhaustion of natural resources.

The world has realized that the unlimited exploitation and violation of the rights and interests of people in the economy leads not only to the political turmoil, but ruining the economy, throwing a country back.

Now mankind has also understood that natural resources are limited, and so today the world faces a dilemma: either to learn how to effectively use the resources for the benefit of all people (this is a Christianity), or control certain groups (so-called "golden billion ") sources of basic resources and the right to dispose of them only in their own interests (this is not a Christianity, but it is beneficial for them.)

Christian economy explains the relationship in the Divine world, the causes and consequences of any action, the sources and nature of the obstacles to achieving the common good and the rise of people based on the truths of the Gospel and with the knowledge of mankind has achieved on the economic items.

Unlike any economic models, Christian economy is regarding the relationship of God and man as a priority. In this case, God encouraged people to living and carrying out their activities in a limited natural resources (now in science, the definition of natural resources as Divine resources). The society and the state should only play a supporting (serving) role comparing to human.

Christian economy is a way of organizing economic activities in accordance with Christian values, in which the high performance of the economy is based on dedication and uncompromising desire of everyone to the practical implementation of the commandments of Jesus Christ, to his personal responsibility to God, to the achievement of universal justice in all spheres life that will create real conditions for the fulfillment of Christian values ​​and personal development of each person according to Christian teaching, which will lead to full-scale liberating people from financial problems and any forms of dependence, the prevalence of creative work, to achieve such a high level of intellectual, economic and technological development when the production of wealth is no longer the primary problem of human society, and all kinds of destructive political and economic activities will be prevented in advance. Public policy and social traditions will be used to serve the interests of every Christian, and not, on the contrary, to subject them to the people.

Under the Christian economy today also is a system of views on the economy, which is intended to put the embodiment of economic mechanisms and methods of Christian principles of the Gospel and deliver people from the maximum of dependence and problems, from humiliating forms of physical labour, considering the well-being and spiritual prosperity of all human beings without exception as the highest priority of all economic processes.

Current level of human development will never achieve intellectual, industrial and scientific and technological level of the Christian economy because it is the ideal model of the economy, which must conform to the precepts of Jesus Christ in their economic sense when the main priority of economic activity is the interests of all people, not individual groups, in the form of classes, parties, clans.

That is the Christian economy is a model of an economy that serves the interests of all the diverse people and therefore can lead the world out of ideas and stalemate of chronic deficit of its economic potential. The priority of an economy should be not only the prosperity of the elite, not the financial results of corporations, but the liberation of people from poverty and financial dependence in spite of their spiritual perfection, the way Christ taught people.

Christian nations and countries share a faith in Jesus Christ and common Christian values. So the idea of ​​the Christian economy - this is an area where you can really start to establish a confidence between Russia and the West. Contradictions and discrepancies in the Christian world can be solved, but only when faith becomes the dominant.

2. Christian economy, the Christian world and the progress of the world economy

Over the past 500 years Christian countries were the leaders of the world progress in all spheres and areas of life and human activity. It is the country of the Christian world are the leaders of the world economy and human progress from the great geographical discoveries to the creation of hi-technologies. Scientific, intellectual, cultural and industrial heyday of the last century were in the Christian countries.

This did not happen by accident. The success and leadership of Christian nations and peoples for such a long period of history had faith in God and the future coming with the Kingdom of Lord, the fulfillment of all Lord's commandments. This formed the psychology and philosophy of many millions of Christians (especially in Europe, Russia and the U.S.) and is reflected in their long dedicated activity and striving to make a difference. The merit of Christians to humanity lies in the fact that the cultural, economic, technical, sporting events, discoveries and achievements of Christian countries for centuries enthusiastically perceived other peoples of the world, were borrowed by them and develop them further.

Common to the West and Russia is that they are historically inseparable and inalienable part of the whole Christian world. Moreover, Soviet Union which population is mainly Christian, and the United States were recent leaders of the world economy.

Despite the imposition of atheism the Soviet Union has always been a strong tradition of Christianity, after all.

Today the world is changing, and it is rapidly growing demand for justice in the economy, which is also completely Christian value. It is true that the West does not seek to implement the principle of justice in economic relations with other countries. This is evident, in particular, the nature of relations between the West and Russia. However, this policy is no longer a secret. Therefore, more and more political and economic activities of the West run into fierce opposition from other countries.

Simultaneously, there is the obvious disappointment of the world community in the ideas that do not benefit the economy (liberalism, multiculturalism). These matters are becoming less noticeable, i.e. once prominent Russian pseudo-liberal politicians and human rights activists. They are not trust-worthy anymore.

The Christian world and Christian people demand Christian economy.

Today it is time for politic-free economy with a main goal as the prosperity of all people. Its essence consists of the harmonious combination of the objective economic categories and the economic interests of persons with spiritual values. Yet economy is the only field of human activity where the believers and those who consider themselves realists and pragmatists (as they consider themselves far-standing and independent from any religion), could relate to. And then the Christian economy will make great strides on the state of the crisis, it will give the efficiency of modern global economy., East-Asian economy is flawed because is focused only on the needs of the market and not the benefit people and their spiritual development.

Historically Christian economy always was a harmonious combination of both infrastructure and spiritual development of society and the individual.

Christian is a progressive economy because its goal is the prosperity of the individual. It seeks, in a particular, the increasing importance of intellectual activity to a greater extent than the physical labor. Thus, one of the direct results of the Christian economy is to become the unprecedented growth of the intellectual potential of the world and the emergence of new geniuses.

The Gospel is the one and only for all Christians. There’s no Catholic, nor Protestant, nor Orthodox, nor Baptist or other Gospel. A community of Christian values, faith in Jesus Christ, serving the cause of Christ always united people of all Christian countries. That is why the Christian economy is the only area where you can really start to establish trust between Russia and the West. It  can normalize their relations which are still hostile, despite the recent fall of the communist regime in Russia. Economic activity can eliminate the contradictions and differences between countries within a single Christian space, replacing the perennial and futile diplomatic negotiations.

Contradictions between the Christian churches (Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox) in the Christian economic area can be reduced to a minimum. It is clear that politicians and governments of various countries can never completely agree among themselves on mutual trust and long-term cooperation. It is only the desire of millions of people to ensure that comply with Christian precepts, to be committed to Christian values, to be worthy of the Lord's love, to embody the teachings of Jesus Christ on earth today is the only incentive and guarantee of overcoming difficulties and building a fair kind of the economy, which does not aim to enrich corporations and the elite, does not aim to achieve abstract financial results, but instead, aims to liberate people from earthly burdens and spiritual elevation of all people.

In this case, dialogue between Christian churches will remove the political intrigues and conspiracies from the economy and then finally return to action policies in line with the public benefit. Thus dictates of politicians in the society will be weakened in favor of the economists who now have to formulate goals and objectives of the world.

Christian economy allows assessment of the actions in the economy in two ways: 1) compliance with Christian values ​​and 2) the economic reasons and feasibility. This is what almost is never done and no one now seems to be fit to do due to present indicators of success in the economy - financial growth, earnings, capitalization, stock price index of business activity, the volume of services, etc. It is not accidental that the business activity of American, European and Russian companies results with the destruction of infrastructure, environment and civilization, i.e. the negative economic consequences.

The economic world is in a deadlock and confusion. None of the previously known methods of economic activity are not able to prevent the world’s most problems: crises, inflation, the deterioration of population.

Today not only politics, but already the economic and informational activities have become another "effective ways” to destroying the foundations of the states. The time is right to recognize the existence of the "economic weapon of mass destruction". Economic activities and government policies are based on economic theories, still indicated as erroneous due to their devastating results.

Only universal observance of the Christian precepts, following the teachings of Jesus Christ, the preservation of Christian values, the main of which is the love to all people is only able to help people find out, albeit intuitively, their right way to peace and happiness.

It should be properly understood that Christian does not mean the economy is a simple summation of the economic potential of all Christian countries. The totality of their potential (including the U.S., Russia, the European Union) forms the Christian economic space.

Christian economy has had no parallel in world history, but, nevertheless, it is still possible to list examples of countries whose economies are in a period of fairly closely matched a Christian model. This, for example, England, after the revolution in 1640, the Netherlands after the revolution of 1648, the United States after winning independence in 1776, the Calvinist Switzerland. People of these countries rejected the royal dictatorship in the name of personal freedom and economic independence. Their national economic and social life were guided mainly by Christian, not political beliefs. For this reason, the political life then did not have the dominant influence on the economy and on the rights of its citizens, and did not limit their personal freedom, as it happens today. Honest labour and non-luxury way of life were considered in these countries as one of the highest virtues and sacred duty for every Christian. Ethics and morals of the time were closely linked to the need to work for each member of the society. For a long time in these countries a faith in Jesus Christ is considered the foundation of their religious and personal freedom, family values ​​and way of life, a source of social and personal wealth. In each of these countries, industrial production has reached a high level of development. As a result, they have a long-time economic prosperity, and their national traditions and way of life are replicated in many parts of the world. America, Great Britain, Switzerland are still the envy and role model for many other countries. Not occasionally that contemporary retreat (almost decline) of Christian faith in the countries in the name of so-called "tolerance" has coincided with a huge and constant economic crisis. And with the increasingly insistent demands of the citizens in the defense of Christianity as the basis of their national and personal identity these countries can assume their global economic leadership back.

Christian economy can not be described in details in a one newspaper article. However, we are ready to do it in another format.

3. The Western economic and political dominance and leadership in modern Russia

Western democracy wrongly reckons Russia is still the successor of the Communist Soviet Union's geopolitical role and remains a threat to the West.

After the Communist collapse the West mistakenly did not support the establishment of the democracy in Russia, as in 1917, when the West did not have any support to the Provisional Government and the young Russian democracy. One of the reasons for the collapse of democracy and economy in Russia is that the implementation of economic reforms has been given to those political leaders who hated the Soviet Union and sought to destroy even new Russia. The West encouraged the failure of economic reforms in Russia. Due to these pseudo-liberals reforms and growing corruption all liberal and democratic values ​​have been completely discredited in Russia.

The Soviet people's desire for change was in the power and freedom, the desire to join the global democratic values ​​and the Western way of life were completely undermined. It is obvious that the desire to restore Christianity in Russia is not supported by the West yet.

The West does not cause the slightest concern that Russia is rooted in the disempowerment of ordinary citizens, and even in the rank and file employees of the state and law enforcement. In that humiliated holders are high and because of the priceless intelligence, carriers and developers of the most advanced ideas (including scientific and technical). Not to find at least one title in the Western media, where it would be seen as a problem for the world.

Historical consequences of the defeat of the Soviet Union in the Third World ("cold") war fell on the shoulders of the peoples of the new Russia. In fact, in Russia were made economic sabotage - most subtle ways, hitherto unknown and never understood until now. We must recognize the high professional level of Western experts who have created and successfully implemented a scheme to destroy the economy of the USSR and Russia, but remained in the background. It is a pity that in our country remain unclaimed economists who can face the new challenges of the West.

Today, Russia's economy is based primarily on the supply of natural resources abroad.
Political and business elite of Russia has made a choice in favor of the West: they bought their property and assets, their children and their families have already moved there. Elite is ready at any time to leave the hopeless for her to Russia. Therefore Russia has no chance of recovery of industry and science.

The West continues to keep Russia in isolation from the achievements of world democracy, economy and scientific and technological progress deliberately.

The fault of the modern West Russia is no free and democratic. And Russia is not, it would be correct to call it "the rubble of Russia."

The problem is that, most of all, the final collapse of Russia will not occur. But increases the unpredictability of the consequences. West once made a mistake, for which he himself had paid dearly. Excessively harsh conditions of the Versailles Treaty and the West's unwillingness to alleviate the economic difficulties experienced Germans, led to a prolonged economic decline in Germany, supported by the German Nazis and their rise to power.

Political and business elite of Russia has made a choice in favor of the West: they bought their property and assets, their children and their families have already moved there. Elite is ready at any time to leave the hopeless for her to Russia. Therefore Russia has no real chance of recovery of industry and science.

We should properly assess what is happening and decide what to do next for the good of the Christian world and our Russia.

4. Russia's economic development as an integral part of the economy of the Christian world

Global economic crisis of the Western economy is obvious. It is no accident that the growing awareness of depravity ignoring Christian values ​​for the sake of fashion, but non-specific ideas ("universal values," "human rights," "multiculturalism," "tolerance"). The crisis has shown that society can not afford failure of Christianity without consequences.

West he worked himself up to the crisis. After the defeat of the Soviet Union in the Third World ("cold"), the U.S. war began to dominate in all areas of the world. The euphoria of political success and no serious opponents in the world, the pursuit of profit and cheap labor force led the U.S. and its allies to a significant reduction of the volume of production. West began to develop the economy of consumption and entertainment. The priority for the development of steel service and financial operations. In pursuit of profit, many Western corporations recklessly moved the production of industrial and high-tech products to the Asian region. This has led to an increase in the economic potential of China and South-East Asia.

Twenty years ago the new global confrontation has begun. This time - between the West, led by the U.S., and countries that are not under the direct political and military influence of the U.S.. It is - part of the Arab world, Iran, China and some countries in South America, in the future, perhaps - India and Pakistan. After the victory over the Soviet Empire USA implement new directions of its foreign policy. An integral part of this strategy is the organization of military conflicts around the world. In fact, today we are seeing is the initial stage of a new, fourth world war, the purpose of which - the final division of the world in favor of the U.S. and its allies.

Now the West has realized that the loss of its economic superiority over the Asian countries (India and China) can have serious consequences. Today, when the strategic position and prospects of the West is much more complex, it is not profitable weak Russia. Because the West inevitably reconsider its attitude to Russia, it needs to be an ally. And Russia should promptly bring to the West the idea that full cooperation Russia needs the economy, industry and science of highest standards. And this should be the main topic in the dialogue between Russia and the United States and the European Union.

As a weak Russia with its enormous natural resources and being a major supplier of energy would always be a targets in global confrontation. During the Fourth World War, any of the opposing side can strike a blow to Russia at least in order to prevent the enemy to the natural resources of Russia. It is quite possible scenario, which, alas, has already been implemented in Iraq and Libya.

If the U.S. will lose in the new global confrontation, the consequences can be severe and unpredictable for the entire Christian world.
And then Russia must make a well thought-out initiatives that appeal to the senses and the mind of the West, as well as his concern for his future. Need to find arguments that are understandable to the West, that is, themes of economy and religion. Actually, this is already being discussed in the United States. Gaining influence of the political movement "Tea party", which is also in favor of a return to Christian values ("grassroots”), which was historically the basis for the United States. Russia should get the support of such influential forces in the West, who will appreciate the benefits of cooperation with the new, Christian Russia.

Russia should promptly develop their proposals for a more active participation in world politics and the global economy. Have to begin a dialogue on the prospects for economic cooperation between the Christians of the West and Russia. This dialogue will be filled with concrete economic content, as many differences even between different religions have obvious economic.

Historical, cultural, religious community, with the United States and Europe has led to the return of post-war Germany in the European economic, cultural, industrial and technological space and the transformation of the greatest enemy into an ally and partner. The same must be done today, and Russia. Today, the most promising is the theme of a single economic space in the Christian part of the Christian economy. Russia should be part of the Christian world, including Christian economic space.

According to the "Marshall Plan" West Germany had mainly financial assistance. Now the economy is more important than financial, are technology and production assets, specialists markets. Therefore it is necessary to determine in advance the form of cooperation with the West.

Urgent tasks for today are:

1. Make Russia a full member of the Christian economic space;

2. Determine the prospects and Russia's place in the world economy and world politics.
First, the West should stop unconstructive policy of destabilization and eventual collapse of the Russian economy and to stop supporting subversive elements.

Second, it should propose and justify the idea of ​​Christian economic space. The West must be carried out in relation to Russia only comfortable economic policy.

Third, within the Christian there is a single economic space technological space. To create a modern economy must get modern equipment and technology. Now, when the monopoly of the West to the new technology is lost, it makes no sense to limit the supply of technology to Russia.

Fourth, in favor to provide forward-thinking and effective Russian Christian economists information channels to form a new view of the West to Russia and its people. And for it Russia needs, in particular, the Christian English-speaking economists. The most important part of their activities is to work in the global information space. It must provide a forward-thinking and effective Russian Christian economists information channels to form a new view of the West to Russia and its people.

Russian cooperation with the West will be possible only when Russia itself clearly highlighted its relationship to Christian values, its sincere desire to establish a historically strong relationship with the Christian world and a mutual dialogue with the West.

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